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(2024 Workplace Design Trends) As the workplace continues to evolve, office design will be the driving force behind retaining talent and providing a great workplace experience. But what’s to come in 2024? Read on to find out our predictions…

(2024 Coffee Trends) We are passionate about great coffee, and the stats show that we’re not the only ones. But what’s to come in 2024? Read on to find out our predictions…

Ante Bikic - head roaster at Amokka Coffee® by Scanomat

(Behind the beans: Amokka® Roastery upgrades and a special coffee announcement) Find out more about our newest addition to the Amokka® range and the upgrades we are making to the Amokka® roastery.

(Brewing beyond the surface: The power of under-counter coffee machines) Find out how under-counter coffee machines can be a valuable tool for creating memorable customer experiences and enhancing employee productivity.

(Top tips for improving happiness at work) Happiness and satisfaction in our jobs has never been more important, so read the blog to find out some top tips for improving happiness at work.

(What makes the perfect coffee shop experience?) In today's competitive market with a bustling coffee culture, delivering the perfect coffee shop experience is more important than ever. But what does it take to stand out?

(Why your next latte should be dairy-free) Plant-based lifestyles are on the rise. Uncover the health benefits, environmental impact, and flavour-filled potential of plant-based milk in your coffee.

Wide shot at Uncle Southall showing a TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in foreground

(Brewing success: The ultimate coffee machine guide for coworking spaces) In the fast-paced world of coworking there’s one thing that consistently fuels productivity and helps build relationships - the perfect cup of coffee. But with a vast array of coffee machines to choose from, where do you even start?

(The Social Workplace: Why interaction matters in modern office design) As flexible work arrangements continue to rise, the design focus of an office is shifting. More than ever before, it's imperative to create a space that brings your team together. Read the blog to find out why.

(Building the Future: Sustainable Development in Manchester's Property Sector) In June 2023, we sponsored Material Source's Property Outlook seminar. Read on to find out the good, the bad, and the future of property in Manchester.

(Smart solutions for sustainable office coffee: Reducing waste and carbon footprint) A top-quality coffee machine plays a crucial role in the office, but with the modern worker’s expectation that their employer will take sustainability seriously, have you ever considered how your coffee machine can fit in to your CSR policies and help reduce your carbon footprint?

(The 5 biggest trends from Clerkenwell Design Week 2023) Now in its 14th year, Clerkenwell Design Week showcases leading brands and companies in London's iconic design hub. Read on to find out some of the biggest trends from Clerkenwell Design Week that are taking over the world of architecture & design, as well as some predictions of what the next few years may bring…

(The ultimate guide to choosing the right coffee machine for your hotel business) When the guest experience is central to every decision, the coffee machine can be instrumental in ensuring they enjoy a memorable stay. Find out how to choose the best coffee machine for your hotel business...

Image shows TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in the foreground with 2 colleagues chatting in the background

(The easy guide to choosing your next office coffee machine) The coffee experience is consistently ranked as one of the most important aspects of the office, so it’s vital to get it right. But with a world of options to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start.

Image showing two people chatting next to a matte black TopBrewer with deluxe iPad holder

(The rise of collaboration spaces in the office - and why you need a first-class coffee machine) With the office changing to meet the needs of the modern workforce, the introduction of collaboration spaces is becoming the norm. Find out how to make them work for you, and how a premium commercial coffee machine can transform the space.

TopBrewer Espresso at Autodesk workplace

(How office coffee machines can boost productivity) The coffee machine plays a central role in the workplace, but its effect on productivity is often overlooked. Find out how a commercial coffee machine can boost office productivity.

Image showing 2 TopBrewer commercial coffee machines, one in the foreground facing the camera and one in the background facing away

(Is it the end for tabletop coffee machines?) We explore the benefits of an under-counter commercial coffee machine, including how it can save space, reduce noise, and increase interaction.

Image showing a matte black TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in the foreground and two people chatting in the background

(The benefits of choosing a sustainable coffee machine for your business) The coffee experience is consistently ranked as one of the most important aspects of the office. It's therefore essential for it to be as environmentally friendly as possible. But with a multiple paths to choose from, it can be confusing to know where to begin.

Image shows TopBrewer commercial coffee machine and TopWater built into a cabinet, with 2 people chatting in the background

(8 Simple Ways to Boost Employee Engagement) Attract and retain the best talent for your business with these simple tips to boost employee engagement. Read our simple tips to improve your workplace experience.

TopBrewer Black One Avenue Group Coworking London

(The complete guide to choosing a coffee machine for shared living spaces) Popular in cities, where real estate can be very expensive, co-living and shared living have been gaining traction in recent years. With the coffee experience playing a vital role in these spaces, find out how to chose the right coffee machine for you.

TopBrewer installation at Boutique Workplace Carter Lane

(TopBrewer is now available on NBS Source and NBS Chorus) Scanomat UK & Ireland is pleased to announce that both the TopBrewer Professional and Compact Series are now available on NBS Source and NBS Chorus.

Wide shot in Uncle Southall showing a TopBrewer coffee machine and people in the background

(How hospitality design trends are re-defining the workplace experience) Taking design inspiration from the hospitality industry can be a great way to upgrade your workspace. Find out the best ways of incorporating hospitality design to ensure your employees can strive within the office.

Image showing TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in the foreground with people chatting and working on laptops in the background

(Six office design must-haves to attract and retain top talent) In today’s world, where the job market is candidate-driven, businesses are looking for the best ways to attract, and more importantly retain, the best talent. Find out how to design your office to attract and retain the best talent with these office design must-haves.

Capco TopBrewer kitchen installation

(How a premium office coffee solution can boost employee engagement) Employee engagement is vital, but great strategies needn’t cost the earth. In fact, something as simple as giving your team a premium coffee machine at work can make a big impact.

TopBrewer Flat White Customise IDRC

(Attracting employees back to the office with a high-end coffee machine) Returning to the office offers many benefits that home-working can’t, including increased productivity and improved engagement. Find out why installing a premium office coffee machine can entice your team back into the office.

CoffeeCloud management system for TopBrewers

(Why your office coffee machine needs to be smart) Not all coffee machines are created equal, and as we become increasingly reliant on technology, we explore why it’s vital that your office coffee machine is smart and connected.

(TopBrewer: Premium, Touchless Coffee for All Office Spaces) With the expectations of the workplace changing at a rapid pace, a premium coffee experience should no longer be limited to client-facing areas. Now more than ever you need to be offering quality coffee in all areas of the office space. Find out how TopBrewer can help.

A premium, touchless coffee experience with TopBrewer

(Future coffee experience is touchless) When Covid restrictions ease we are going to be looking at shared devices in a whole new light. In terms of enjoying your favourite coffee at a distance, you needn't worry - the future of coffee is touchless.

Boutique Workplace Carter Lane, with TopBrewer in the background

(Coffee & Coworking: Fuelling the next-gen workspace) Coworking is a competitive market, so providers need to ensure their offering is up to scratch, and the coffee solution they choose is vital to enticing clients

Woman paying for a TopBrewer coffee next to a TopBrewer machine

(Future Retail: In store coffee experiences to drive footfall and sales) A first-class customer experience is the foundation of success in the retail environment. But how can you make your retail environment stand out from the rest? Have you thought about adding an in store coffee experience?

LEO Park House Kitchen TopBrewer

(Co-living & Coffee: Elevating the communal coffee experience with TopBrewer) Often described as a hybrid of a hotel and high-quality student accommodation, co-living brings the concept of communal living into the 21st century. But how can you stand out and offer something the co-living generation will actually want?

(How to incorporate coffee culture into modern workspace design) We already know that a premium coffee experience has a range of health benefits and is vital in the modern workplace, but how are interior designers and business owners adapting to this? And, more importantly, is it worth it?

TopBrewer Espresso at Autodesk workplace

(Why should you invest in a high quality in-house coffee experience at work?) A top-quality machine can seem like a big investment on face value but here are six reasons why it is vital to get the office coffee experience right.

(Experience TopBrewer at Manchester's Newest Design Hub - Material Source Studio) Material Source Studio, a world class product & materials hub for architects & designers, has opened its doors

Coffee Lounge Area

(The ultimate guide to choosing the best coffee machine for your university or college) Students have long relied on coffee to get them through their studies, but where coffee was once merely a source of caffeine, nowadays students are favouring a top-quality beverage, but it can be difficult to know where to start when finding the perfect one for your campus.

AmTrust London - Meeting for a TopBrewer coffee

(Let’s meet for coffee – Fuelling collaboration with office coffee culture) The digital revolution and ever-changing world of office design has led to a massive shift in the ways we work, but collaboration is as important as ever, and creating an office coffee culture can boost productivity and collaboration. Find out how your office coffee machine can enhance the workplace experience…

CoffeeCloud by Scanomat

(UK workers return to the office: Scanomat’s smart coffee machines provide insight into workplace trends) Scanomat's smart coffee machines are providing insight into workplace trends, showing that office coffee consumption is on the rise.

Co-working at BE Offices with coffee from TopBrewer

(Create a back-to-work destination) After months of home working due to Covid-19, what we expect from the workplace has changed, and businesses need to make their workplaces a desirable destination to help entice workers back to the office.

Dual TopBrewer Gold

(Hybrid Hospitality) The emerging ‘hybrid hospitality’ concept presents a much welcome boost for the UK’s hotel and leisure sector as the lines between hospitality and the workplace blur.

Coworking at Perenco, with TopBrewer in the background

(Hybrid Working) More so than ever, the future of the workplace ‘destination’ is going to be about people and experiences. To be successful, businesses need to enable a positive balance of office and remote working going forward: hybrid working.

(TopBrewer: Which Office Spaces Need a Premium Coffee Machine?) With the expectations of the workplace changing at a rapid pace, a premium coffee experience should no longer be limited to client-facing areas. Why shouldn’t all of your staff coffee points deliver the same level of experience and more?

(3 top tips for delivering a great office coffee experience) Office coffee can be a mine field, but a great coffee experience is vital for any business in order to attract and retain talent, as well as impress guests. Find out our top tips for getting it right.

TopBrewer macchiato with silky milkfoam

(Employee Wellbeing: TopBrewer in The Guardian) Scanomat UK & Ireland Co-Founder, Tina Williams, is interviewed on how TopBrewer is turning the office coffee experience from an executive perk into a source of workplace wellbeing for all employees. 

TopBrewer coffee machine operated by Siri

(Contactless coffee – the future of coffee retail) We all love to grab a great coffee, but have our attitudes towards our beloved coffee shops changed in the new normal? Find out five ways the coffee retail sector will adapt to deliver the contactless coffee experience of the future.

Woman enjoying a TopBrewer coffee next to a TopBrewer with gold swan neck

(Survey: 90% of office workers said they would like more TopBrewers) The results from a recent workplace survey of TopBrewer users* suggests that 9 out of 10 employees would like to see more TopBrewers installed in their workplace to replace alternative coffee machines.

Nexudus TopBrewer integration

(TopBrewer Integrates With Nexudus Platform) TopBrewer native integration with Nexudus coworking platform is world’s first for coffee industry, allowing coworking communities all over the world to enjoy a seamless, premium and connected coffee experience.

(Scanomat UK & Ireland Joins World Class Product & Materials Hub For Architects & Designers) Scanomat UK & Ireland to be part of Material Source Studio, a world class product & materials hub for architects & designers in Manchester's regenerated NOMA.

(5 health benefits of drinking coffee at work) A premium office coffee machine has become an expected perk for most modern workers, but is your morning latte doing you any good? Find out our top 5 health benefits of drinking coffee at work.

Capco TopBrewer kitchen installation

(How a good office coffee machine can boost staff wellbeing) With many positive health and productivity benefits of drinking coffee at work, providing a premium office coffee machine can be a simple (yet highly effective) way to boost employee wellbeing.

CoffeeCloud - TopBrewer's cloud management system, shown on laptop screen

(Q&A with Frederik Vibe Petersen – Smart Coffee for Smart Buildings: The Connected Coffee Experience) We sat down with Frederik Vibe Petersen, Business Development Manager & resident tech expert at Scanomat A/S, to discuss how new technologies, including IoT, are shaping the coffee industry.

Argyll Club Park House TopBrewer

(Creating a Destination Workplace: Experience) With the majority of the UK workforce starting to transition away from home-based working, we now have a prime opportunity to plan our return to the office by championing meaningful changes to the workplace experience that are sustainable and long term.

(Creating a Destination Workplace: Sustainability) In the post-Covid world sustainability will play a more important role than ever, and knowing that their employer is doing their bit for the environment may be a driver in encouraging employees back to the workplace.

(Creating a Destination Workplace: Wellness) In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, the health and wellbeing of the workforce is at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The goalposts have moved when it comes to a work-life balance, and employee wellbeing is more important than ever.

CoffeeCloud close up, showing menu on the app with TopBrewer in the background

(Creating a Destination Workplace: Technology) We’ve come a long way technologically in the last decade, and the global Covid-19 pandemic has taken this technological revolution to a new level, with many businesses being forced to fast-track new products, features and technology to help customers navigate the post-Covid world.

TopBrewer in co-working space with hidden installation

(Creating a Destination Workplace: Culture) The effects of the pandemic has shown that company culture is more important than ever. Office working provides a vital thing that most of us working from home have missed during the pandemic: human connection and interaction.

Perenco TopBrewer - close up of TopBrewer and drinks

(Office Coffee Consumption in the UK sees major growth) The UK's daily coffee consumption has soared to 95 million cups per day, and with 44% of coffee consumed out of home being consumed in the workplace, the importance of office coffee cannot be ignored.

Coworking at Perenco, with TopBrewer in the background

(The Future Workplace: 8 workplace trends shaping the future office) As technology continues to get smarter and changing ways of working continue to impact workplace design, we explore which key trends are shaping the future of the office.