Coffee worth coming to the office for

Levelling up your workplace experience has never been more important. Premium coffee, juice and water solutions for your workplace.

TopBrewer and TopWater at Adobe in London

Great Coffee for Top Talent

Have you ever stopped to ask your employees what they would like in the office? We bet that great coffee features top of their list. TopBrewer offers a premium and personalised coffee experience 'on tap' that is worth coming to the office for. But it is much more than that - it creates the wow factor; it is a collaboration tool; it is a focal point; it is an experience. Your employees will head straight to the office for their morning coffee. Watch spontaneous meetings happening around the coffee machine. Watch relationships build and ideas grow. Never underestimate the power of great office coffee. Scanomat offer a full drinks solution for the workplace!

TopBrewer Espresso at Autodesk workplace

Never underestimate the power of great coffee

Coffee makes ideas grow with informal meetings

In the TopBrewer, we could see the best combination of everything we were looking for in a coffee system.

Ceri Jones, Regional Estates Manager, Shoosmiths

Why TopBrewer is a good investment

TopBrewer speed and quality

Be the Barista

Customise your coffee to your exact taste. Choose your coffee and milk, then adjust using the sliders in the app. The TopBrewer brews fresh coffee without compromising on quality.

TopBrewer contactless coffee

Touchless control

By using the TopBrewer app you can customise and brew your favourite drink without touching the machine. Create a safe, reassuring environment with touchless ordering and optional contactless payment.

Future proof

Regular over the air updates keep your machine upgraded with the latest advancements in technology. Why invest multiple times in inflexible assets that degrade over time when you can invest in a dynamic, future-proof asset once?

Sustainable design

TopBrewer is constructed with recyclable, high-quality stainless steel and aluminium. The tamper pressure is adjusted precisely before brewing to ensure an accurate brew time. At the same time, our specially developed eco-friendly flash heating technology heats fresh water to the perfect temperature faster than you can press the espresso button.

Wellbeing at work

No other professional coffee machine serves still & sparkling water. Providing your employees with fresh water at work is essential to a healthy and productive workspace. We can configure your TopBrewer machine to serve still & sparkling water as well as hot beverages for a fully integrated, space-saving and sustainable solution. Eliminate single-use plastics in your business and reduce your carbon footprint one glass at a time. If integrated water isn't right for you, then we offer a standalone TopWater solution for freshly filtered still & sparkling water on demand through a separate swan neck.

Hot and cold

TopBrewer delivers on all levels

Perfect office drink solutions


TopBrewer macchiato with silky milkfoam
The TopBrewer offers customisable barista quality coffee to be integrated seamlessly in the office and operated touch-free.
TopWater by Scanomat
Get freshly filtered and sparkling water with TopWater to keep your employees hydrated and reduce plastic waste.
Juice, flavoured water, with and without sparkles. TopJuicer is your complete soft drinks solution and promotes wellbeing.

Hey Siri, make my coffee!

We have taken our touchless coffee experience to a whole new level with the launch of TopBrewerVoice - a Siri enabled shortcut that allows you to order your favourite premium coffee using just your voice seamlessly.

Voice control with TopBrewer coffee machines

Touchless Solution

Brew coffee with your personal phone

Our customers include

TopBrewer Lookbook

Need some design inspiration? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our TopBrewer Lookbook showcases some of our most exciting installations throughout the UK and Ireland to show you what’s possible when your coffee machine allows you to have complete freedom to design.

Ethical, sustainable and kind to the planet

TopBrewer is designed to be the most sustainable coffee machine on the planet. We believe a first-class coffee machine doesn’t have to cost the Earth. Our machines are built to be durable and long-lasting using recyclable materials where possible. Our future-proofing technology makes sure your machine is always kept up to date with the latest features.

TopBrewer and sustainability

We’ve designed our machines to be sustainable

World-class service

With CoffeeCloud, our advanced digital platform for TopBrewer management, you can receive notifications to keep your coffee machines operational at all times and improve efficiency. Get a real-time overview of drinks consumption and trends. Check the health status of your machines and see when they were last cleaned. With CoffeeCloud, our proactive team of service engineers can sometimes predict a service call before it has happened, make remote adjustments or phone fix to provide minimal downtime and prevent unnecessary visits to keep the coffee flowing.


Remote cloud management makes life easier

Easy management


Receive notifications to refill the coffee beans or empty the dregs bin.


Analyse data and trends with CoffeeCloud.

TopBrewer cleans automaticly

Automatic cleaning

The brewer cleans automatically throughout the day.

Proactive support

We work with you to minimise downtime.

TopBrewer as an iceberg under-counter built-in

99% under-counter

We have turned coffee machine design on its head to focus on the customer experience, the beautiful aesthetics of speciality coffee brewing and hygiene. TopBrewer reduces shared contact points and is easy to clean and sanitise. One of the most attractive features of the TopBrewer is its ability to fit seamlessly into any workplace environment. With its innovative under-counter design, our drinks solutions bring elegance to any space.

Freedom to design

We’ve designed our machines to fit uniquely into any space.

Maximum output with TopBrewer Pro

One of the biggest advantages of the TopBrewer Pro is that you can deliver a huge range of hot and cold drink options from a single dispense point. One stylish swan neck can provide your staff and visitors with fresh bean coffee, hot chocolate, steaming hot water, dual milk, chilled water and sparkling water. No other coffee machine can deliver as much choice in such a minimal footprint.

Hot and cold

TopBrewer delivers on all levels

Let us help to elevate your workplace coffee experience

Find out how the stylish and sustainable TopBrewer is the right choice for your business. Fill in your details and one of our team will be in touch.

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