Brewing beyond the surface: The power of under-counter coffee machines

The under-counter coffee revolution

Coffee has become a ritual and an integral part of our daily lives. For businesses, the coffee experience is a valuable tool for creating memorable customer experiences and enhancing employee productivity.

Commercial bean-to-cup coffee machines have historically been designed as tabletop units, but TopBrewer’s release over 10 years ago opened a whole new world of opportunity as the world’s first under-counter, premium beverage solution was born - fusing streamlined design, optimised technology and barista quality. Read on to unleash the power of choosing an under-counter coffee machine for your business.


Boost sales

Reduce noise

The solution

Elevate the coffee experience

No matter the space you are creating, whether it’s an office, hotel, coworking space, or coffee shop, the last thing you want is to ruin the flow with your coffee machine. Traditional tabletop commercial coffee machines are often bulky, taking up valuable counter space and disrupting the aesthetics of your space. By comparison, under-counter coffee machines offer a discreet, space-saving solution that gives a unique opportunity to enhance the experience without compromising on quality or functionality.

Under-counter coffee machines open up a whole new world of design and, rather than needing to be hidden away in the corner, can even be used to add a “wow” factor and become the focal point of your space. Opting for an under-counter coffee machine gives your architects and designers complete freedom to design an environment that suits you and your needs, with the knowledge that the coffee solution can be seamlessly integrated. Whether you prefer a minimalist look or something more eye-catching, under-counter coffee machines can be tailored to your vision.

AmTrust TopBrewer showing under cabinet

Under-counter coffee machines open up a whole new world of design

Clear clutter, boost sales

By hiding the brew unit beneath the counter, the sleek design of under-counter coffee machines clears the clutter from the worktop. In every environment this enhances the user experience, but in retail settings it means that you and your team have uninterrupted access to customers for a more personal experience and a better opportunity to connect, build relationships and improve customer loyalty.

Imagine the possibilities in a crowded cafe, a stylish hotel lobby, or a dynamic co-working space - more room to work with means you can create an environment that is both inviting and functional.

An under-counter coffee machine design also frees up precious space for upselling, merchandising and promotions. After all, every space matters in a retail environment.

Woman paying for a TopBrewer coffee next to a TopBrewer machine

Silent coffee brewer

Between the noise of coffee beans being ground to the high-pitched steaming of milk, how often have you struggled to keep up a conversation in a cafe with the noise of a coffee machine in the background? Under-counter coffee machines remove the noise often associated with grabbing a coffee, and the near-silent operation enhances the experience for your customers, guests or employees.

Moving all of the mechanics below the counter means that the technology used in under-counter coffee machines needs to be cutting-edge to keep the coffee flowing. With everything hidden away, under-counter coffee machines like TopBrewer have remote monitoring capabilities. This means that technicians can perform remote diagnostic checks and maintenance without disturbing your daily operations to ensure minimal downtime and consistent coffee quality.

AmTrust London - Meeting for a TopBrewer coffee

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