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With the majority of the UK workforce starting to transition away from home-based working, we now have a prime opportunity to plan our return to the office by championing meaningful changes to the workplace experience that are sustainable and long term.

Coworking at Perenco, with TopBrewer in the background

Return to work

Coffee Experience


Return to work

We spend 8-10 hours per day at work, so if we want to get the best out of our people, we need to provide a productive, comfortable and enjoyable environment to encourage staff to head into the office. With some kind of home-working set to be part of our lives for the foreseeable future, now is the opportune time to start thinking about what long term positive impact you can make to the office environment and to start putting those changes into place. We now know we can work from home effectively and productively, so in order to entice the workforce back into the office, businesses will need to offer a destination where their team will actually want to be.

To make the workplace a destination worth visiting, it will need to offer unique, meaningful experiences. The most recent Leesman Index found that only 62.8% of workers feel their workplace enables them to work productively, and only 59.9% think their current workplace creates an enjoyable environment to work in. The workplace should inspire and motivate employees, and investing in a first-class experience will not only help attract and retain the best talent, it can also improve employee productivity and company success.

Coffee Experience

For the modern employee, the workplace and coffee go hand in hand, and its importance in creating a valuable workplace experience should not be ignored. In fact, 75% of office workers agree that a premium coffee experience suggests that their employer cares about them, and from a scientific point of view, studies have shown that a well-designed and strategically-placed office coffee machine has many social and productivity benefits.

Premium coffee is not concentrated in coffee shops any longer, employees expect a barista-quality beverage in the workplace. Incorporating an experience-driven coffee machine like TopBrewer into your space is a simple, yet effective, way to enhance the overall employee experience.

TopBrewer Espresso at Autodesk workplace

Studies have shown that a well-designed and strategically-placed office coffee machine has many social and productivity benefits

Argyll Club Park House TopBrewer


When it comes to a coffee offering, the revolutionary TopBrewer offers the most unique and memorable experience, whilst facilitating the all important bump culture.  The coffee hub is the ideal space to promote connection and knowledge-sharing in the workplace, things that are difficult to replicate whilst home working. Historically, the “traditional” bean-to-cup coffee machine is bulky and noisy, requiring it to be hidden away in a corner against a wall. TopBrewer’s minimal design, with its sleek swan neck tap, near-silent grinder and under-counter brew unit, allow it to be incorporated into a central setting, acting as a focal point for collaboration and creating a ‘wow factor’ without compromising on drink quality. As well as serving a wide range of barista-quality coffees, TopBrewer’s modular design offers a wide range of hot and cold beverages, including luxury hot chocolate and chilled still and sparkling water.

With safety at front of mind in the current health emergency, TopBrewer’s market-leading touchless control sets it apart from the rest in terms of the user experience and engagement. The innovative and intuitive app allows users to personalise their own coffee to meet their exact taste, making the process fun and interactive, and the most recent update enabled voice control through Siri, so users can now order their favourite TopBrewer drink using only their voice. The touchless coffee experience through TopBrewer allows you to enjoy barista-quality coffee in a safe, hygienic and convenient way, giving touch-free access to a wide menu of premium hot and chilled beverages.

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