Behind the beans: Amokka® Roastery upgrades and a special coffee announcement

Find out more about the upgrades we are making to the Amokka® roastery.

Ante Bikic - head roaster at Amokka Coffee® by Scanomat

Responsible coffee sourcing

Roastery Investment

Introducing Indonesia Mandheling

The Amokka® team

Responsible coffee sourcing

Coffee is our passion, and we want our clients to enjoy a memorable, first-class coffee experience every time, so as well as manufacturing our TopBrewer coffee machines in-house, we also have an on-site roaster where we roast the Amokka® coffee that is used in TopBrewers around the world. The coffee beans used in our range of Amokka® coffees are responsibly sourced directly from our partners around the world before being shipped to Denmark to be blended and roasted by our skilled and passionate team.

By paying premium prices and investing in local projects, not only do we have a positive impact on the growing communities, but we also receive the highest quality coffee for TopBrewer customers. Bringing every part of the TopBrewer experience in-house, from design and development to roasting and packaging, gives us complete control over the whole process, ensuring that our customers enjoy only the best tasting coffee and meaning that we can continue to make upgrades and improve our processes.

Roastery Investment

We are always striving to be at the forefront of the industry, and our goal is to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. To make sure we are fulfilling coffee orders as quickly as possible, we have recently invested in roastery upgrades that will further improve our efficiency, make us even smarter and ultimately will enhance our coffee quality.

Upgraded roaster

We have recently purchased a new roaster. The 120kg I.M.F is the most capable roasting machine on the market and will transform our roasting capacity, doubling the amount of coffee that we can roast.

Automation in packing

It’s not only our new roaster that we have invested in, a custom box packing machine and palletiser is being built to help automate our processes. This will allow us to generate ITF-14 barcodes, leading to better handling of our supply chain and giving us full product traceability when needed.

Sustainable packaging

Our new Amokka® boxes are more eco-friendly than ever before, with the cardboard material usage per shipped kilogram reduced by 29%. They are also lighter and easier to manoeuvre, featuring carry handles and a quick-access perforation lid.

The roastery upgrades will increase our roasting output and make us more sustainable

Introducing Indonesia Mandheling

The Amokka® team

Ante Bikic, Head Roaster

With an array of accolades within the coffee industry, Ante is among the most talented roasters in the world. He was the winner of the 2020 Danish Roasting Championship 2020, is an expert on the roasting panel of the Map It Forward podcast, as well as being a Sensory judge at IBC and Stage Manager at WBC.

His knowledge is profound and his skills are unrivalled, and he is always hungry for more.


Johan, Assistant Roaster

Johan is an expert in sensors and has previously worked with beer, whiskey, and coffee.

His broad experience within many fields, including high-end restaurants, gives him a great understanding of what makes the perfect coffee, and undoubtedly contributes to our coffee’s sharpness and depth.

Our manifest

The aims of Amokka® Coffee are to:

  • Operate sustainably on an economic, environmental, and social level
  • Be transparent and straightforward about our operations
  • Be responsible and respectful towards our farmers and customers
  • Combine high-quality coffee with Nordic roasting and brewing techniques to improve the coffee experience
  • Deliver better-tasting coffee tomorrow than what we did yesterday
Amokka Coffee roasters

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