How office coffee machines can boost productivity

The coffee machine plays a central role in the workplace, but its effect on productivity is often overlooked. Find out how a commercial coffee machine can boost office productivity.

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Office Coffee

Boost productivity with a caffeine kick

Wellbeing wins

The power of collaboration


Office Coffee

It’s well documented that the coffee experience is a vital part of the modern workplace. In fact, it is often voted by employees as one of the most important aspects of the office. Barista-quality coffee on site has now become an expected workplace perk for most, and research has found that employees feel more engaged at work when they have access to high quality coffee, so it should come as no surprise that in the UK we consume a whopping 95 million cups of coffee each day! 

As well as tasting great and being a catalyst for collaboration, providing your team with top-quality coffee experience at work can have a big impact on employee engagement and even boost productivity.

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The coffee experience is often voted as one of the most important aspects of the office

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Boost productivity with a caffeine kick

Coffee’s not all about the taste. We tend to start our day with a cup of coffee for a reason - we all know that it’s loaded with energy-boosting caffeine. Access to quality coffee at work will mean your employees feel energised and more alert, which has an impact on productivity. It’s not uncommon to lose focus when spending hours sat at a desk and looking at a screen, so having access to a premium coffee solution at work can give that much-needed caffeine boost whilst also encouraging your team to take regular breaks to regroup and recharge. 

Despite what you might think, regular breaks lead to higher productivity and improved problem solving. Research shows that creativity and inspiration often strike when your brain isn’t overloaded and is having some downtime, such as when you leave your desk to grab a coffee.

Wellbeing wins

Having a strong wellbeing focus and showing your team you value them can have a huge impact on their state of mind and, in turn, their productivity at work. This could be anything from encouraging regular breaks, implementing wellbeing-specific policies, or designing the space to better suit your team’s needs, such as giving them access to a first-class coffee machine.

Research has found that employees feel more engaged at work when they have access to high quality coffee, and a happy, engaged employee is a more productive employee. Similarly, around 3 in 4 of office workers agree that a high-quality coffee experience in the office suggests that their employer cares about their wellbeing.

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The power of collaboration

A strategically-placed office coffee machine can be a powerful tool in the workplace. It can help bring people together and encourage collaboration and idea sharing amongst colleagues. Meeting a co-worker for a coffee or catching up with friends around the coffee machine is a great way to build relationships at work. 

Better interpersonal relationships leads to improved communication between colleagues and departments, which can lead to a more collaborative workforce, an improved atmosphere and boosted productivity. Install your coffee machine in a breakout space or central island setting and watch as your employees congregate, chat, and problem solve over a cup of their favourite coffee.


We have the solution

With TopBrewer, we turned the traditional bean-to-cup coffee machine design on its head. With its innovative under-counter design, sleek swan-neck tap and almost silent brew unit mechanics, TopBrewer has been designed to aid collaboration, improve the workplace experience, and boost productivity.

The minimal footprint integrates seamlessly into any environment to deliver a full range of barista-quality drinks, all specially developed for the TopBrewer at our in-house Amokka roastery. With the ability to offer two different types of coffee and two milks, including dairy-free alternatives, TopBrewer can cater to all tastes. For more information about the value TopBrewer can add to your office, contact us for a chat or to arrange a demo.

Transform your office coffee experience with TopBrewer

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