Is it the end for tabletop coffee machines?

We explore the benefits of an under-counter commercial coffee machine, including how it can save space, reduce noise, and increase interaction.

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Under-counter coffee machine

Clear the clutter

Interruption free coffee

Increase collaboration

Under-counter coffee machine

The coffee machine plays a vital role in the workplace, from improving employee engagement to increasing productivity, and its importance shouldn’t be overlooked. But the office coffee offering has changed drastically in recent years, and long gone are the days of instant coffee. The modern employee simply won’t accept anything but a quality coffee experience at work. In the past traditional tabletop coffee machines have been the solution of choice, but as the modern consumer becomes more interested in the coffee they drink, and more aware of their environmental footprint, a new era in coffee service is beginning and super automatic under-counter coffee machines like TopBrewer are paving the way.

The use of fresh coffee beans and milk means a traditional tabletop coffee machine can offer a decent cup of coffee, but they can become obsolete just a few months after of installation thanks to the speed at which technology is changing. Not only is this a huge financial burden for businesses, it is having a devastating effect on the planet as old models are being added to the colossal amount of e-waste sent to landfill each year. 

A smart and connected under-counter commercial coffee machine like TopBrewer will take your workplace coffee experience to the next level, enhancing the design of your space and increasing collaboration without compromising on the quality of the beverage.

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Elevate your workplace coffee experience with a smart and connected under-counter commercial coffee machine

Image showing a matte black TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in the foreground and two people chatting in the background

Clear the clutter with a space saving coffee machine

The bulky design of a tabletop coffee machine means it’s normally situated in the corner of a room or against the wall, taking up valuable room on the counter whilst not adding anything to the design of the space. The workplace can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance the experience of their employees, improve wellbeing and increase productivity, so the overall design of their space is important. When investing in creating the perfect space for your team, the last thing you want is to have an unsightly, messy tabletop machine to contend with. What if your coffee machine could add value to the design of your office?

TopBrewer has been designed to complement the modern workplace, delivering barista-quality beverages without compromising on design. Its sleek swan neck tap is the only visible part, with the brew unit hidden discretely under the counter, meaning it can be seamlessly integrated into any space without disrupting the carefully curated design. Not only does this free up precious counter space and avoid a cluttered and messy countertop, it means TopBrewer can be installed in a huge range of spaces.

Interruption free coffee

There’s no two ways about it, tabletop coffee machines are noisy. The grinding of coffee beans combined with the heating and foaming of milk and buzz of a water heater can be disruptive and noisy, and this often means that you are limited in where you choose to put your coffee machine. After all, no one wants to be interrupted mid-meeting by a spluttering coffee machine.

The under-counter TopBrewer commercial coffee machine has an über-quiet brew unit, meaning you no longer need to worry about excess noise when making your favourite coffee. The flash-heater technology means there is no internal water tank to emit a constant hum, and the streamlined design and under-counter brew unit mechanics means that TopBrewer can be integrated into almost any space to allow colleagues and friends to catch up, chat, and share ideas over a coffee without the risk of being interrupted.

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Increase collaboration with an under-counter coffee machine

It’s becoming increasingly important to ensure your space offers the amenities and experience your team actually want, and research shows that the coffee and beverage experience is consistently ranked as one of the most important aspects of the workplace. An under-counter commercial coffee machine means that employees can get their caffeine fix without needing to leave the office, and not only gives them the top-quality coffee experience they expect from the workplace, it can also be strategically placed to act as a tool for collaboration. Rather than being limited to installation in corners or against walls as with a traditional tabletop coffee machine, an under-counter coffee machine can be installed in a vast array of spaces, including in island settings or as a focal point in the space. 

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