8 simple ways to boost employee engagement

Greater employee engagement can be a powerful instrument for productivity, thus its importance cannot be overstated. We examine eight simple ways to boost engagement in the workplace.

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1. Flexibility

2. Communication

3. Wellness

4. Environment

5. Collaboration

6. Equipment

7. Appreciation

8. Coffee

Employee engagement

Employee disengagement is a major issue in the UK, and statistics suggest that we have the worst percentages in Europe. In reality, disengaged employees are predicted to cost the UK economy £340 billion each year in lost training and recruitment costs, sick days, productivity, creativity, and innovation, therefore tactics and initiatives that promote and improve employee engagement are critical. Truly engaged employees are rare, and Gallup's most recent global study revealed that only about 15% of employees are engaged at work, but studies show that even a little increase in engagement has a significant impact.

An engaged employee is one that is dedicated, motivated, passionate, and keen to work, and they will be far more productive and efficient than their disengaged counterparts. Employees who are engaged will go above and beyond because they are invested in the organisation and want to offer value with their talent, time, and energy. They are the individuals who will drive innovation and propel your company forward, and higher engagement will enhance retention rates and ensure that your best talent stays with you for a longer period of time.

Great engagement techniques don't have to be expensive; several are extremely low-cost (or even free) and may be adopted nearly instantly. It should not, however, be a one-size-fits-all approach. To ensure that the chosen tactics have the desired effect, management should consider the requirements and desires of employees. After all, what works for a quirky digital start-up with five employees is unlikely to work for a 5000-person accounting firm.

Flexible working

Giving increased autonomy to employees will show that they are trusted and will mean they are more productive, happy and engaged at work.  A flexible working environment is increasingly important for the modern worker. What this actually means may differ business to business, but the simple act of giving your team more freedom will increase engagement.

For some, it may be offering an agile working space, so employees can move around the office to work in different zones depending on their work tasks, or for others it may be offering flexible working hours, or allowing your team to work remotely from home on a permanent or hybrid basis. 

Breakout areas offer a relaxed space to focus or collaborate with colleagues

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Employee engagement diminishes when employees are unaware of what is going on in the organisation. Without clear communication, the rumour mill begins to churn, uncertainty begins to fester, and engagement begins to dwindle. As a corporation, strive to be transparent, with open lines of communication between employees and management. 

Transparency and authenticity foster trust, and a genuine relationship between management and employees fosters motivation. It doesn't have to be done on a daily basis, but consider sending an internal newsletter or gathering the team once a month or once a quarter to provide information on new advancements, new hiring, and future plans.

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Wellness at work

Employee wellbeing is highly studied and documented, and it can't be ignored that it plays a vital role in improving employee engagement. Encourage your staff to take regular breaks throughout the day. An estimated 822,000 workers were afflicted by work-related stress, depression, or anxiety in 2020/21. Whether it's a 5-minute walk around the office or a cup of coffee from the office coffee machine. This can help you stay attentive throughout the day and avoid the infamous 3pm slump. 

Being proactive about mental health and employee welfare can help a firm experience increased turnover, fewer sick days, and less employee fatigue. A satisfied employee is a company's most valuable asset. Policies and processes that prioritise workers' wellbeing benefit everyone involved.

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Office environment

We work up to 40 hours per week, therefore it should go without saying that the environment we work in has a significant impact on our happiness and engagement. Focus on establishing a comfortable and unique environment that matches the company's values to boost engagement. 

A well-designed office that employees want to spend time in will have a significant effect on their engagement. It doesn't have to be a major expenditure; whether it's implementing some biophilic design components, or creating a breakout space.

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Great coffee builds connections

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Collaboration zones

Collaboration is essential for any company and should be actively promoted. It not only leads to more innovative ideas, but it also improves relationships between coworkers, fosters partnerships between teams, and aids in the improvement of engagement. Colleagues can form strong ties through teamwork. Team members learn about one another, gaining a greater grasp of their own skills, shortcomings, and personal characteristics. Trust is created via better relationships and communication becomes more natural, open and free.

A strategically placed, well designed coffee machine, like TopBrewer, can help inadvertently increase collaboration, as employees discuss projects and share ideas whilst enjoying their morning coffee.

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Office equipment

Make sure your team have the right tools to do their job. It sounds simple but is often overlooked or forgotten. It’s difficult to build a culture of trust and improve engagement if your team aren’t able to effectively perform their job. As well as the tools needed to perform a particular job, provide proper training and development opportunities for your team.

A work culture that encourages continual development benefits not only the organisation, which benefits from newly acquired skills and information, but it also conveys to employees that they are appreciated and worth the investment. An employee who feels valued and believed in is much more likely to be invested and engaged at work.

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Invest in your employees comfort to show your appreciation

Say thank you...

It is important to acknowledge and recognise when a member of your team has performed admirably. Saying thank you is an incredibly simple thing to do, but it is sometimes missed, especially in large corporations. Everyone wants to know they are appreciated and that they have done a good job. 

In certain companies, this acknowledgement or thank you may take the shape of a physical prize, but a simple "thank you" goes a long way. Employees are more likely to work harder, be happier and be more involved at work if they sense their effort is acknowledged and recognised by colleagues or management.

Premium coffee machine

Over 75% of office workers believe that a premium, high-quality coffee experience at work shows that their company cares about their wellbeing. As such, show your employees that you care by providing a premium, barista-quality coffee experience. Coffee is quite important from a cost perspective too - employees who have to purchase high street coffee will be spending possibly £10-£15 per day in some cases. So it is a huge perk to have a free premium coffee experience in thought-out spaces.

It has been demonstrated over and again that when people feel their efforts are recognised and acknowledged, they are more likely to work harder. Installing a high-quality, premium coffee machine to deliver delicious coffee to your staff is a terrific and simple way to demonstrate your appreciation.

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Let us help to elevate your workplace coffee experience

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