The rise of collaboration spaces in the office - and why you need a first-class coffee machine

With the office changing to meet the needs of the modern workforce, the introduction of collaboration spaces is becoming the norm. Find out how to make them work for you, and how a premium commercial coffee machine can transform the space.

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The Modern Office

Collaboration Spaces

First-Class Coffee Machine


The Modern Office

There has been a marked transformation in the workplace in recent years, and after months of home-working during the pandemic, the return to work led to a shift in what employees wanted and expected from both their office and their employer. Perhaps the biggest change is that our reliance on technology has grown and, because of this, the days of working 9-5 at the same desk are long gone. Maybe you work from home one day, and the next day decide to hot desk at the office. Most of us are no longer stuck in the same place day in, day out. Improved tech and a change in attitude from upper management means that lots of employees can, and do, change where and when they work.

With hybrid and agile working on the rise, the best employers have adapted their spaces to suit the needs of their team. The architects and designers of leading offices are now creating a variety of flexible spaces that can be tailored to suit the needs of a workforce that seeks comfortable, inspiring spaces to maximise productivity and creativity.

The best employers are adapting their spaces to suit the changing needs of their team

Collaboration Spaces

We’re bombarded with technology from all angles at home and at work and whilst things like video calling and online chats definitely have a place in the modern workplace, there will always be an appreciation for face-to-face connection with colleagues. Hybrid and agile working have become the norm as our reliance on tech has increased, and this shift in the way we work has led to a rise in collaboration spaces in the office. Formal and impersonal boardrooms are disappearing, making room for vibrant, enjoyable spaces that can meet a variety of employee needs and that encourage collaboration.

A collaboration space can take many forms - from informal breakout spaces that allow colleagues to come together in a more relaxed way, to dedicated work rooms designed to allow group working - but in order for it to be successful it should match your company values and tie in with your brand identity. It’s also vital to future-proof the space to stop it becoming unusable after a matter of months. Think about opting for smart tech, flexible furniture solutions and a space that can grow with your company. Well designed collaboration spaces lead to a rise in creativity, a boost in morale, better communication between teams, and increased engagement amongst your workforce. Not only does this lead to better staff retention, it can have a big impact on productivity and ultimately lead to increased profit.

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First-Class Coffee Machine

We all know that a top-quality coffee machine has become an expected perk in all workplaces, but beyond giving employees a well-needed caffeine boost, it can also function as a tool for collaboration and relationship building. A strategically-placed coffee machine helps to bring people together, encouraging idea sharing and problem solving as colleagues grab a coffee and chat. In fact, over 80% of those taking coffee breaks with colleagues found that it helps develop stronger relationships, and having somewhere to meet and chat away from a desk can be a huge mood booster.

When choosing a commercial coffee machine for your collaboration space, there are a few important factors to take into account. Choose a machine that can cater to a variety of tastes and dietary requirements and that can reliably keep up with demand to ensure your entire team can enjoy their favourite coffee, and invest in a future-proof machine that won’t become obsolete in a matter of months, which means you won’t be needlessly sending old machines to landfill or wasting money buying a newer model. 

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A premium commercial coffee machine capable of serving barista-quality coffee can help transform the office experience and give employees the opportunity to connect with colleagues over a cup of coffee. TopBrewer’s unique design makes it the perfect beverage solution for collaboration spaces. Unlike a traditional, bulky tabletop machine, TopBrewer’s under-counter design hides the brew unit mechanics discretely below the counter, meaning that only the sleek, stylish swan neck tap is visible. This minimal design lends itself to collaboration spaces perfectly and gives architects and designers complete freedom to design a beautiful space to meet the needs of your team without worrying about where to hide an unsightly coffee machine.

TopBrewer was designed with longevity in mind, and its digitally-driven platform allows for remote, over-the-air updates that mean your coffee machine can grow with your business, avoiding the need to replace it every time a new model is released. The intuitive app control technology puts the coffee experience in the hands of the user, meaning your team can take control and customise each drink to meet their taste, and with the ability to serve up to 400 barista-quality drinks per day, it’s perfect for busy areas.

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