TopBrewer: Which Office Spaces Need a Premium Coffee Machine?

With the expectations of the workplace changing at a rapid pace, it’s more important than ever to offer quality coffee in all areas of the office, read on to find out which office spaces will benefit from a premium coffee machine.


Staff Coffee Point

Breakout Areas

Meeting Rooms



Often the busiest area of the office, the reception is a hive of activity and gives the first impression of your business. To avoid queues and large gatherings of people it would be a smart idea to invest in additional coffee points to take the pressure off one area. Welcome clients with a delicious, specialty-coffee customised to their exact taste, and add a “wow factor” to your reception with the iconic TopBrewer.  

“We wanted our clients to think ‘wow’ as soon as they entered the office…The TopBrewer was exactly the right solution”

  • Ian Fewer, Architect for Core Media’s Dublin Office
BBRE The White Building - TopBrewer Close Up

With the expectations of the workplace changing at a rapid pace, a premium coffee experience should no longer be limited to client-facing areas.

Coffee Point

75% of office workers agree that a top quality coffee experience at work suggests that their employer cares about their wellbeing, so show your team you care with a premium, barista-quality coffee experience.  Our satellite coffee stations could be a good temporary solution and also offer versatility to move the station around to suit the flow of your staff.

“We’re pleased to offer a key service that our staff really enjoy and saves them having to leave the office for a specialty coffee – which is also great for both productivity and their own pocket”

  • Paul Fairey, Facilities Manager at Grimshaw

Breakout Areas

A strategically placed TopBrewer will encourage your team to meet, chat and collaborate over a cup of specialty coffee, leading to increased creativity and productivity.  When we return to the office, the opportunity to reconnect with peers will spark creativity and boost productivity. Introducing a premium coffee solution will not only encourage your team to return to the office, but will also allow them to rebuild trust and relationships, not forgetting that top-quality coffee on tap is expected and is a vital part of the overall experience.TopBrewer was designed to enable collaboration and interaction, with its design meaning it can be incorporated into a central island or credenza to act as a focal point and give a ‘wow’ factor, rather than being discreetly tucked away in a corner.

“Investing in a TopBrewer for our office refurbishment has shown our employees how much we value them. It has also encouraged them to utilise the new breakout space, promoting social engagement in the workspace.”

  • Lorraine Broun, Autodesk

Meeting Rooms

TopBrewer’s unique design hides the brew unit mechanics under the counter, nearly eliminating the noise of grinding beans and frothing milk normally associated with coffee machines. This allows you to engage and interact with clients and guests without worrying about being interrupted with coffee jug refills.

“The personalisation of individual drink makes it a real talking point when our clients visit our offices.”

  • Peter Haigh, CEO at Mintel

Cafe Space

TopBrewer is built to a professional standard using only the highest quality components, meaning it can cater to extremely high demand, making it the perfect solution for busier areas. The TopBrewer Pro Series can serve up to 400 drinks per day, with no downtime needed between drinks making it ideal for a busy cafe, canteen or restaurant.

“The quality of the TopBrewer coffee is first-class and the reliability and consistency of the drinks means that it is one less thing for our hospitality staff to worry about”



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