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TopBrewer and TopWater at Adobe in London

Office Coffee Solutions

Have you ever stopped to ask your employees what they would like in the office? We bet that barista-quality coffee features top of the list. In a nutshell, TopBrewer offers great coffee on tap. But it is much more than that - it creates the wow factor; it is a collaboration tool; it is a focal point; it is an experience.

Employees head straight to the office for their morning coffee. Scanomat offer a full drink solution for the workplace!

Worth coming to the office for

Hospitality Drink Solutions

Introducing premium coffee as part of your hotel bar or restaurant offer is a great way to keep guests on-site, grow your daytime trade, and attract new professional clients.

On the side, why not serve chilled sparkling water or fresh juice from the tap? Scanomat offers a full drink solution that fits into any space. Scanomat offer a full drink solution for hospitality!

TopBrewer Coffee in the lobby at Radisson Collection Royal Hotel, Copenhagen

A coffee they’ll keep coming back for

TopBrewer black swan neck

Retail Coffee Solutions

Café quality coffee on tap without any of the bulk or mess of a traditional automatic coffee machine ruining the design of your store or sales space. TopBrewer creates a talking point while seamlessly integrating with your interior design.

We can even add your logo to the elegant swan neck tap or on the drip tray for an extra touch of exclusivity. Self-cleaning, low maintenance, and handy notifications if beans or milk are running low makes for much less hassle than traditional coffee machines.

Scanomat offer a full drink solution for retail!

Amplify your brand

Lets elevate your coffee experience

Want to find out more about how the stylish and sustainable TopBrewer is the right choice for your business? Fill in your details and one of our team will be in touch.

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