Beaumont adds a 'wow factor' with TopBrewer coffee machines

Since its inception in 2007, Beaumont has built a portfolio of 'next level' flexible workplaces with luxury at their core.

Client experience has always been top priority, and with the beverage experience ranked as one of the most important aspects of the workplace, Beaumont knew they had to get it right. The Beaumont team chose to install 19 TopBrewer coffee machines throughout their London locations, giving clients a first-class drink experience on-site.

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We chose TopBrewer because it allows our clients to have a premium coffee experience free of charge.

Maddie Mathie - Sales Manager, Beaumont

Premium office coffee experience

Luxury office design

Premium office coffee experience

Beaumont's ambition has always been to create unique, flexible and luxurious workplaces for their clients, and they knew from the start that the coffee solution plays a central role in the workplace experience.

Beaumont's vision has always been client-driven, and after first installing TopBrewer in early 2017, the team has now rolled out the TopBrewer experience to 8 locations across London, with another expected to be opened late 2023. This commitment to the experience means that clients can enjoy a memorable, barista-quality coffee experience free of charge without needing to leave the office.

Key facts

All of our clients here at Beaumont really enjoy the coffee machines that we have here.

Maddie Mathie - Sales Manager, Beaumont

Members enjoy TopBrewer coffee at Beaumont's flexible workplaces

Clients can enjoy barista-quality TopBrewer coffee at 8 Beaumont locations

Luxury office design

Beaumont's vision to create ‘next level’ flexible workplaces has resulted in a portfolio of luxurious, meticulously-designed workplaces that take inspiration from beautiful hotel interiors and put the client experience first. The modern, elegant spaces were designed so that people not only feel at home, but also feel energised and inspired. With this in mind, it was crucial that the coffee and beverage solutions chosen for any of the Beaumont workplaces would fit into the design to enhance the space. 

Unlike most conventional bean-to-cup coffee machines, with TopBrewer we turned coffee machine design on its head, hiding the bulky brew unit below the counter and leaving only the sleek swan neck tap visible. This gives our clients freedom to create their perfect space and meant that the Beaumont team could use TopBrewer as a focal point in the space. 

The TopBrewer aligns well with our brand here at Beaumont. It's a high end product. It's a sleek design. It looks good in all of our client Lounges.

Maddie Mathie - Sales Manager, Beaumont

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