TopBrewer Integrates With Nexudus Platform

TopBrewer native integration with Nexudus coworking platform is world’s first for coffee industry.

World's First

Seamless Experience


Why TopBrewer?


World's First

We are extremely excited to announce that TopBrewer is now integrated with Nexudus, the leading white-label platform that helps you automate and manage your flexible workspace experience around your coworking members’ needs.

The TopBrewer integration with Nexudus is a first for the coffee industry and allows coworking communities all over the world to enjoy a seamless, premium and connected coffee experience, without the hassle of cash or card payments.

Crucially, the Nexudus platform combines all of the main tools you will already be using to run your business, thus allowing you to manage everything from one central location. As coffee is such a huge part of office life it makes sense for your coffee solution to be integrated too!

TopBrewer macchiato with silky milkfoam

Charging for coffee made simple

Nexudus TopBrewer integration

Seamless Experience

Why is a high-end, seamless experience important?

Businesses are increasingly recognising the link between the working environment and human capital and this has been progressively highlighted by the effects of the pandemic. 


For coworking providers, a positive workplace experience can have a significant impact on member recruitment and retention. Therefore, delivering user-centric experiences that support individual comfort and convenience can deliver a measurable impact on productivity, satisfaction and wellbeing. Through Nexudus and its portfolio of integrations, coworking spaces can provide members with a high-end, premium workplace destination that is smart, safe and trusted.


Charging for coffee made easy

Through Nexudus, your TopBrewer is linked to your account, so every time a customer orders a beverage, each purchase will be automatically added to their purchase history, and they will be billed for these on their next invoice.

Tracking consumption trends

With the Nexudus integration, you can quickly and easily track coffee consumption trends and invoice members for the coffee they consume. Additionally, Scanomat offers an IoT management system free of charge to TopBrewer customers called CoffeeCloud. This IoT platform gives administrators access to real-time operational insights of their machines, key metrics and a live dashboard to ensure that the coffee machines in your spaces are running efficiently.

In an upcoming development (currently in BETA testing), BaristaDJ will allow Scanomat baristas and technicians to remotely update your TopBrewer settings to resolve minor operational issues. This way, downtime is kept to a minimum and the coffee experience is uninterrupted.

Making a cup of coffee

To make a coffee, all you need to do is select a choice from the TopBrewer machine’s accompanying iPad menu, then adjust your preferences such as coffee strength, milk type and number of cups. You will then be instructed to place your cup under the machine’s swan neck and present your QR code from your Passport app to the iPad’s camera. Once this code has been confirmed your perfect coffee will start brewing automatically.

Key Features:

  • Seamlessly invoice members for drinks consumed
  • Access analytics and data on coffee consumption
  • Scale up with your business needs
  • Eliminate long queues
  • Manage your coffee machines in a centralised location


This ground-breaking integration between Nexudus and TopBrewer will offer numerous benefits to your flexible workspace. Here are just a few:

Seamless experience

Through our partnership with Nexudus, making and paying for a cup of coffee will become a lot quicker and easier for your members, whilst also eliminating long queues in your café space. Now you can instantly charge your members for the coffee they consume, making the consumer experience utterly seamless, whilst making billing a breeze for your finance team. A win, win scenario!

Flexible design

Flexible workspaces are renowned for their premium design and aesthetics. Don’t let your coffee machine let you down on the design stakes! One of the most attractive features of the TopBrewer is the freedom it gives to designers and architects to create human-centric, collaborative spaces. The flexible design allows it to fit perfectly into any environment, from breakout areas to full blown cafés, acting as a catalyst for spontaneous conversations. 

Premium & Personalised

When it comes to coffee, TopBrewer has become a benchmark for the workplace. We know everyone in the office has their own views on how to make the perfect cup of coffee and TopBrewer’s customisation features makes tailoring your coffee to your own preferences easy and intuitive.

Future-proof investment

It is increasingly important to invest in systems that provide long-term solutions while improving amenities and experiences. TopBrewer is a smart, long-term investment as its  IoT platform is designed to adapt to future iterations of the coffee user experience whilst bringing all data into one central cloud for optimised monitoring and decision making.

TopBrewer Flat White close up


Who are Nexudus?

Nexudus has helped over 2000 coworking and flexible workspaces in over 90 countries to scale up and to provide seamless and flexible experiences to members. By intuitively combining a wide range of tools that automate the processes involved in managing your coworking space, Nexudus helps to save time and energy both for operators and their respective communities. The beauty of the Nexudus system is that since it can be entirely white-labelled, you can make it your own to truly reflect your company’s values, culture and identity. From managing resource bookings to access control and everything in between, Nexudus helps you to automate workflows in a way that supports your members, as well as streamlining operational processes to enable you to maintain a seamless, professional work environment that is built around your brand. 

Getting started

Nexudus have provided detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up the integration. To read through these, head over to the Nexudus knowledge base article

Visit the Nexudus website for more information on the platform’s capabilities and other available integrations:

Before you get started integrating your TopBrewer with Nexudus you will need to have both a Scanomat and a Nexudus account set up.  Get in touch with us and we will get you set up as quickly as possible.



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