French Press Brewing Guide by Amokka®

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For an excellent french press, we recommend using 1:15 coffee to water ratio (35 g coffee and 525 g water). Grind your freshly roasted coffee beans and set your water to boil. (You can use preground coffee, but it will not taste as fresh)

Change the ratio to change the coffee brew

Never change the brewing time

To get the best coffee brew, you need a scale and timer, grinder and clean, soft, filtered water. Control the strength of your coffee by using more or less coffee - start with just 1 gram change.

Ante Bikic, Head Roaster at Amokka® Nordic Roasters

Bloom the coffee

Pour the coffee ground in your French Press with a flat top. Pour just enough water to moisten the ground (approx. 4 times the coffee weight). Let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.


Add the rest of the water to match the ratio and let it brew for 4 minutes, no longer. Find a spoon and your cup to be ready for the next step...

Break the crust

Break the crust by gently putting the spoon through the surface. Remove the big particles and foam floating on top. (This makes the coffee fall to the bottom, to stop the brewing and give you a cleaner French Press coffee)

Wait, (plunge) and serve

Let the coffee cool down to drinking temperature (5-8 min.) - first then plunge the French Press to just underneath the surface. Never plunge the stamp all the way down, it will stir up the small particles. Pour gently and carefully.


Is the coffee a little to bitter/astringent for your taste, grind the coffee coarser next time. If it’s to thin/watery, grind finer.

Ante Bikic, Head Roaster at Amokka® Nordic Roasters

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