Discover your coffee taste with Amokka® Coffee

To help you find your Amokka® Coffee favourite or to try new tastes, we have created a compass that helps you where to look. When you have found which of our coffees matches your preferences, please remember that coffee taste is not static. You can influence the taste with the way you brew the coffee - even on the TopBrewer, you can adjust the brewing to get the coffee brew you prefer. The compass shows if the coffee taste is intense or mild and fruity or roasted. Find the guide for reading the compass below and know the next step for a better-tasting coffee with Amokka.
Amokka® Coffee Compass

Horizontal axis
Represents flavours from fruity flavours on the left, across chocolaty and nutty in the middle, towards malty and roasted ones on the right.

Vertical axis
The vertical axis represents the body/mouthfeel of the coffee. On the bottom, we have more light, delicate, and bright in taste coffees and on the top are stronger, heavy, and robust coffees.

Diagonal axis
Represents the balance between sweet and bitter flavours. In the bottom left corner, you can find fruit flavours in the middle part, you can expect flavours of chocolate, and as you go towards the top right corner, you will find flavours of pure cocoa.

Find your taste

The Coffee Dot

The taste is on the labels

On the Amokka® Coffee labels, you can easily see if it's intense or mild, fruity or roasted in taste. You will find a guide on the backside of the coffee bag.

The Coffee Dot
The darkest circle of the dot represents where the coffee sits in the grid with a balanced brew. The fading circles show how much the taste can be affected and in which direction from the centre.
Please see our brewing compass for reference.

Organic Amokka Coffee from HueHuetenango, Guatemala

Ethically-sourced coffee for life

Through our Impact Trade initiative, we source our coffee beans directly from carefully chosen partner farms worldwide. We work in partnership with our farms to improve coffee quality and pay above market value to support the farmer’s with specific projects from agricultural equipment, to earthquake relief, to school resources. With Amokka®, you have total transparency about your coffee’s journey - from bean to cup.

Ethically sourced coffee by Amokka®

The organic Amokka® Coffee from HueHuetenango, Guatemala, carefully selected and hand picked.

Next step

The brewing compass

With our simplified brewing compass, you can easily fine-tune the Amokka® Coffee to the preferred taste of your brewed coffee. You can even fine-tune your coffee when you brew it on TopBrewer. The goal is always with Amokka to get a better-tasting coffee every time.
Amokka® Brewing Compass

Choose with taste and colour