What are the Amokka® Coffee flavors

The flavour wheel shows the basic flavours we use at Amokka® Coffee to describe our coffees. The specific flavours are chosen from the recognised SCA Flavor Wheel with the descriptors from World Coffee Research’s Sensory Lexicon. Below you can read the descriptors for the flavours.


Dark brown impression characteristic of products cooked to a high temperature by dry heat. Does not include bitter or burnt notes.


The spicy, pungent, musky, woody aroma, characteristic of black pepper and brown spices.


A slightly sweet, brown, woody, oily, musty, astringent, and bitter aroma commonly associated with nuts, seeds, beans, and grains.


A blend of cocoa, including cocoa butter and dark roast aroma at varying intensities.


A fundamental taste factor of which sucrose is typical.



A sweet, light, slightly fragrant aroma associated with fresh flowers.


A sweet, floral, aromatic blend of a variety of ripe fruits.

Dried fruit

An aromatic impression of dark fruit that is sweet and slightly brown and is associated with dried plums and raisins.

Citrus fruit

A citric, sour, astringent, slightly sweet and somewhat floral aromatic that may include lemons, limes, grapefruits or oranges.

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