Amokka Crema

Amokka Crema

TopBrewer macchiato with silky milkfoam

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Amokka Coffee Gorgona Nordic Roast
Gorgona by Amokka® is our popular classic Italian blend for a single espresso shot and excellent in milk-based drinks with a sweet but strong flavour.
Amokka Coffee City Roast Nordic Roast
City Roast by Amokka® is a no-nonsense dark roasted old school blend for espresso and espresso-based milk drinks.
City Roast
Amokka Coffee Peru Nordic Roast
Peru by Amokka® is an organic single-origin coffee from the mountainous and remote region of Pichanaki. It brews as a tasteful espresso and black coffee.
Amokka Coffee Brazil Nordic Roast
Brazil by Amokka® is our popular single-estate coffee from Fazenda Progresso grown in Chapada Diamantina, Bahia.

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