Related Argent installed the sustainable TopBrewer in their award-winning HQ

Leading property developer, Related Argent, installs three TopBrewer coffee machines in its new, sustainable London headquarters.

Image showing a matte black TopBrewer commercial coffee machine in the foreground and two people chatting in the background

Award-winning workplace

Community-focussed space

Inclusive drink selection

Sustainable office design

Award-winning workplace

Property developer and urban regeneration specialist, Related Argent, worked with Basha-Franklin to design its new London headquarters at 4 Stable Street. The award-winning office is located in the heart of King’s Cross and incorporates biophilia, natural light and sustainable design to create an environment perfectly suited to the forward-thinking company and its employees. The workplace has been recognised as the winner of the FX Awards 2022 in the 'Best UK Workspace’ category and was shortlisted for 4no other awards.

TopBrewer coffee machines were specified by Basha-Franklin for the Stable Street project, with two TopBrewer Pro Series and one TopBrewer Compact Series seamlessly integrated into the modern, stylish space alongside one TopWater machine, offering a full menu of hot and cold beverages for the Related Argent team.

Key facts

  • Workplace 
  • Real Estate
  • London, UK 
  • 160 Staff 
  • 4 machines 
  • Coffee points, reception 
  • Coffee, water
  • Installed 2021

Hospitality, wellbeing and creating a sense of community was an essential design requirement to elevate the quality of the workplace for the Related Argent team and their visitors.

Rachel Basha, Principal Director, Basha-Franklin

Image showing TopBrewer app on customisation screen with TopBrewer and TopWater in the background

Intuitive app-control

TopBrewer and TopWater provide a range of hot and cold beverages for the Related Argent team

Image shows TopBrewer commercial coffee machine and TopWater built into a cabinet, with 2 people chatting in the background

Community-focussed space

Related Argent's mission of striving to “improve urban life for everyone, every day” extends to their employees, so when designing their London HQ it was important to create a space that would reflect company values and provide a first-class, wellbeing-focussed experience. Related Argent hired Cushman & Wakefield to devise a workplace strategy that would highlight the best way to use the space, and relied on leading architecture firm, Basha-Franklin, to put it into practice in the design. A dynamic working policy was the result, allowing their team members to choose how and where they work, and meaning that the design would need to provide memorable experiences in order to entice the team back to the office.

Whilst only playing a small part in a bigger design, it’s well documented that the humble office coffee machine plays a vital role in the workplace. Not only does it provide a much-needed caffeine boost throughout the day, but a strategically located and thoughtfully designed coffee machine can also enable and encourage collaboration, improve wellbeing and contribute to a positive employee experience.

With its under-counter brew unit and stylish swan neck tap, TopBrewer’s unique design lent itself perfectly to Related Argent’s office. The TopBrewer coffee machines and TopWater machine are installed in central island units, acting as a focal point and allowing Related Argent staff to chat and socialise with colleagues as they grab a cup of their favourite coffee.

It has been wonderful to see visitors and the Related Argent team gather around the TopBrewer in a very natural and effortless way, enhancing a strong sense of community, serendipitous conversations, and hospitality.

Rachel Basha, Principal Director, Basha-Franklin

The hospitality spaces are free of clutter and allowed us to maximise the quality and experience of these spaces.

Rachel Basha, Principal Director, Basha-Franklin

Image showing a TopBrewer commercial coffee machine on the right and a TopWater water dispenser on the left, both are built into the counter

Inclusive drink selection

Research shows that the office coffee experience is seen as one of the most important aspects of the workplace and access to top-quality has become an expected office perk, but it’s vital to ensure your office coffee machine can cater for your entire team. After all, we all have different tastes so why would we want to drink the exact same coffee? With staff, clients and guests to think of, Basha-Franklin knew that the coffee machine they specified for Related Argent’s space must be able to cope with high demand and must be able to offer a wide variety of drinks.

The two TopBrewer Professional Series coffee machines installed in the Related Argent office have two bean hoppers and grinders, giving the user the ability to choose from two types of coffee. The Related Argent team also opted for dual-milk fridges to offer two different types of milk, including dairy free alternatives, ensuring that those with dietary restrictions are also catered for. Combined with the fact that users can also use the intuitive TopBrewer app to completely customise their beverage, down to the amount of milk and grams of coffee in each drink, the options are endless, making it the perfect choice for a busy environment.

The choice of beverages is essential for inclusivity, and this can be achieved in such a seamless, non-intrusive way with TopBrewer.

Rachel Basha, Principal Director, Basha-Franklin

Sustainable office design

Whilst it was important that the design of the office was well-suited to the Related Argent workforce, it was also crucial that it was as sustainable as possible. In fact, the project was aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and Basha-Franklin worked to incorporate as much as possible from Related Argent’s original office into the new space. The team managed to retain, reuse and repurpose an impressive 80% of the materials in the existing space. This included sections of timber flooring that were relocated, desks and chairs that moved to be reused in the new office, and even shards of waste product from the timber were incorporated into terrazzo for new tables and coffee bars.


Sustainable sourcing and eco-friendly design played a central role in the space and it was important that everything, from the flooring to the lighting to the appliances, had sustainability at its core. When it came to choosing the beverage solutions, the TopBrewer family of products was the logical choice as they are designed with sustainability in mind.

Unlike many traditional tabletop machines, TopBrewer is built to last, and its digitally-driven platform allows for regular, over-the-air updates to be sent direct to the machine, meaning that it continues to be updated to the newest software as time goes on, future-proofing your investment and avoiding the need to buy new equipment or send out-of-date machines to landfill. TopBrewer also boasts a power-saving mode, energy-saving flash heater technology, ethically and sustainably-sourced coffee beans and an automated cleaning cycle that doesn’t require harsh cleaning chemicals. And with the addition of a TopWater machine to dispense Brita® filtered chilled and sparkling water, Related Argent are also offering a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles of water at work.


Key features 

  • Barista-quality, personalised coffee 
  • Steaming hot water for tea 
  • Chilled still and sparkling water 
  • Touchless operation including voice control 
  • Automatic cleaning throughout the day 
  • CoffeeCloud management system 

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