TopBrewer coffee experience for Yorkshire Members' Club, Empire House

Empire House installs TopBrewer in upscale Members’ Club and coworking space

Luxury Space

Member Experience

Operational Ease

Luxury Space

Premium coffee experience at sophisticated Members’ Club

Located in a former Town Hall in the heart of Slaithwaite, West Yorkshire, Empire House is a business members’ club like no other. Designed to be a departure from the traditional, often office-like, co-working space, Empire House was created with elegance, beautiful design and superb service at its core. It provides the perfect space for concentration, conversation and relaxation, and boasts all of the facilities needed to run business smoothly, from the serviced reception, to a boardroom, break-out spaces and, the crowning glory, The House – the bar area where the TopBrewer coffee machine is located.

Key facts

  • Workplace
  • Co-Working
  • UK
  • 1 machine
  • Bar area
  • Coffee, chilled & sparkling water
  • Installed 2021

TopBrewer ticked all our boxes. Other self-service machines are too bulky and don’t have the aesthetic we wanted.

Amy Byram, Founder and MD

Empire House's TopBrewer is located in their bar area

Member Experience

Premium member facilities

Empire House prides itself on superb service and a high quality member experience. The recent Leesman Index shows that over 77% rank coffee as an important part of the workplace experience.The Empire House team knew that a first-class coffee offering was fundamental to the member experience. The ability to offer a self-service coffee solution capable of delivering a varied menu of barista-quality drinks was important to Empire House, and after seeing TopBrewer in action at another co-working space, they knew it was the right choice.

Key Features

  • Barista-quality, personalised coffee for Members
  • Hot water for tea 
  • Chilled still and sparkling water
  • Self-service, touchless operation including voice control 
  • Automatic cleaning throughout the day 

People love the TopBrewer. It makes a lovely coffee and creates a talking point.

Amy Byram, Founder and MD

Empire House was created with elegance, beautiful design and superb service at its core

Operational Ease

Reliable and easy to use coffee solution

With a busy Members’ Club to run, the Empire House team knew they needed a reliable, self-service coffee solution that would give guests a barista-quality drink without much input or maintenance from the team. TopBrewer’s digitally driven platform delivers barista-quality coffee without the barista, with app control giving the end user the ability to customise their drink to meet their exact taste. Amy Bryam, Founder and MD comments:

"We wanted a self-service machine so that members could help themselves when our front of house staff may be tending to something else – essentially meaning we don’t need an extra member of staff on shift.”


The day-to-day maintenance was also an important factor in Empire House’s choice to install TopBrewer. TopBrewer is ready to brew in just 45 seconds after being turned on, and clean water is flushed through the machine after each drink, keeping it clean throughout the day and meaning that the daily clean cycle is quick and simple.

“The daily clean takes approximately 7 minutes. The open-up is much quicker and the TopBrewer machine doesn’t take long to heat up, meaning that we don’t have to put someone on shift earlier to allow the coffee machine to heat up before clients arrive.”

We knew that the TopBrewer would add to the customer experience and would require very little maintenance or input from us, which was important. Traditional coffee machines can be very temperamental.

Amy Byram, Founder and MD

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