Office Club chooses TopBrewer coffee experience for Danish co-working hubs

Co-working spaces in historic buildings in Copenhagen

TopBrewer in co-working space with hidden installation

Co-working hub

A Personalization Vision

Still running strong

Expectations met

Co-working hub

Meeting the demands of the history
Office Club was established in 2015 and is located in some of Copenhagen's most iconic, historic buildings. These were originally inhabited by famous Danes, such as the author H.C. Andersen and philosopher and historian N.F.S. Grundtvig. These buildings are characterized by high ceilings, original art and attractive facades that tell a unique story.

Office Club offers fully serviced offices, meeting rooms and lounges in the heart of Copenhagen to members and non-members. Working with old historical buildings sets a high demand for interior solutions. And it was the design team who first got their eyes on TopBrewer as the best commercial coffee machine on the market.

Key facts

Our original design team at Brønnums Hus did their research and found TopBrewer to be the optimal solution. And they chose a unique way to incorporate the coffee machine in the interior.

Lilou Linnet - Chief Operating Officer, Office Club

Office Club commercial coffee maker TopBrewer installed behind the wall

Inspiring installation with TopBrewer

Office Club's design team choose to place the TopBrewer behind the wall to have minimal cabinets in both their member lounges.

TopBrewer installed behind the wall by the architect at Office Club, Copenhagen

A Personalization Vision

From the beginning, Office Club wanted to create a unique and exclusive office space and services for their clients. Their inspiration was to blend the rich history of their premises with contemporary flavour and décor that met the elegance and style that their clients expect.

They aimed to offer a luxurious and personalized service and a unique space with a warm feeling that made their clients feel at home. For Office Club, providing quality coffee on their premises as part of the experience they aimed to offer. During their research, the team discovered TopBrewer and found that it complimented the environment that they were creating. And the fact that the offices are located close to many cafes, they did not want clients leaving the premises to find their perfect latte.

While doing our research, we didn't find any other coffee machine that met our vision. TopBrewer was the only optimal choice as the coffee machine for our offices.

Lilou Linnet - Chief Operating Officer, Office Club

Still running strong

The first TopBrewer was installed in 2015 at the reception in the Brønnum Hus building. Currently, Office Club has 9 TopBrewers in two different locations: Brønnum Hus and Zieglers Gaard. Besides being fully automated commercial coffee machines, the TopBrewers also dispense chilled, sparkling and steaming water.

Expectations met

When clients and guests use TopBrewer for the first time, words such as 'Wow' and 'How nice!' quickly show how pleased they are with the whole experience, and that makes us happy at Office Club. We are very pleased with TopBrewer and I would recommend it to other businesses.

Lilou Linnet - Chief Operating Officer, Office Club

TopBrewer has enabled Office Club to meet their expectations and has greatly added to the experience they provide to their members and guests. All are delighted with TopBrewer, the barista-quality coffee and the customization functionality.

Key features 

  • Barista-quality, personalised coffee 
  • Steaming hot water for tea 
  • Chilled still and sparkling water 
  • Touchless operation including voice control 
  • Automatic cleaning throughout the day 
  • CoffeeCloud management system 

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