The coffee experience you will never forget

Introducing Scanomat's TopBrewer Pro model.
Refined coffee quality, smarter, more sustainable.

A reassuring, personalised, and design-led coffee experience

We aim to deliver the most incredible coffee experiences and wow-factor moments - no matter what your business. After nearly 60 years of developing high quality, high-performance commercial coffee machines, Scanomat bring you the world’s most advanced and innovative fully automatic coffee machine yet - TopBrewer. With remote app control and cloud management services, you are in complete control of your coffee experience.

A stainless steel TopBrewer faucet with black coffee from Amokka®

Handcrafted in Denmark

The original smart coffee solution

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TopBrewer in co-working space with hidden installation
Offices. Retail. Hospitality. Residential. Our drink solutions can be fitted into any space and sector.
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The TopBrewer only brews coffee with freshly roasted quality coffee beans from our own Amokka® Coffee roastery.
Why we only use fresh roasted coffee beans
TopBrewer App with personal Touchless Coffee Control
World-leading touchless coffee technology. Be the barista. 💬 Just ask Siri with TopBrewerVoice.
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CoffeeCloud by Scanomat
Get real-time data from TopBrewer to run a smooth operation.
Keep track of the performance with CoffeeCloud

99% under-counter

We have turned coffee machine design on its head to focus on the customer experience, the beautiful aesthetics of speciality coffee brewing and hygiene. TopBrewer reduces shared contact points and is easy to clean and sanitise. One of the most attractive features of the TopBrewer is its ability to fit seamlessly into any workplace environment. With its innovative under-counter design, our drinks solutions bring elegance to any space.

Freedom to design

We’ve designed our machines to fit uniquely into any space.

Sustainably designed & built

Sustainability is in our DNA. Our coffee, juice and water machines are designed with sustainability at the core. Every aspect of our eco-system is designed by us to be as efficient, technologically-advanced and sustainable as possible.

TopBrewer brewing perfect espresso

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