Get better-tasting coffee with the Amokka Brewing Compass

With our simplified brewing compass you can easily fine-tune your Amokka Coffee® to your preferred taste. Our goal is to deliver a better-tasting coffee every day. We do all we can to select the best coffee beans, roast them to perfection, pack them safely and ship them directly to you. The recipe for brewing the coffee on TopBrewer is specially made for our way of roasting Amokka Coffee® with the aim to make a balanced coffee (center of the brewing compass). Now it's up to you to make the final fine-tuning so the coffee fits your preferred taste. See below how you read the compass and do your changes to affect the taste.
Amokka® Brewing Compass

How to affect the taste

If you want to shift the taste of your coffee towards the right side of the compass you should grind finer. To make a shift to the left you should grind coarser.


To achieve stronger taste you can use more coffee or less water, for a weaker taste you can use less coffee or more water.

Negative Flavor Descriptors

These are the tastes you want to avoid when brewing your coffee (red edge in the brewing compass).


Makes your mouth feel wet and pinched, think of vinegar or sour pickles.

Quick finish

A well-extracted coffee has a finish that lingers for minutes, with quick finish the taste disappears straight away.


Unpleasantly rough, very unbalanced.


When the coffee is so intense/strong that it is not enjoyable anymore.

more negative flavors...


Thin or tasteless containing too much water.


Thin or tasteless containing too much water.


It makes your mouth feel dry and pinched, think of Angostura, hops, tonic water and lemon peel.


Dry, sandy feeling on the tongue. Same feeling as strong black tea or from eating an unripe banana.

Our goal is to achieve a better-tasting coffee every day.

Ante Bikic, head roaster at Amokka® Coffee

TopBrewer black coffee with Amokka Coffee

Choose with taste and color


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