TopBrewer Compact Con. 1

TopBrewer Compact Con. 1

A stainless steel TopBrewer faucet with black coffee from Amokka®

Product Information

Pre-installation guide

Cabinet dimensions:

Minimum under-counter space required: W600 mm x D600mm x H700mm

The illustration shows a 2 x 600mm standard cupboard

Power supply:

1 x 20 amp 1P, 220-250V hard wired -or- a 2P+E receptacle, IEC 309.

Alternative: 10-13 amp, 220-250V, 2P+E receptacle, IEC 309.

1 x 10 amp, 5 socket splitter for iPad, fridge & chiller and ventilation

Mains water supply:

1 x Washing machine valve 15mm x ¾”


1 x Vertical Ø 40mm waste stack with standard u-bend or Hepvo valve trap


Ducted fan, via duct channels 

See the installation guide for details

Design options

The TopBrewer comes with a variety of design options. Try the virtual TopBrewer design selector.